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WW1 German KS 98 Bayonet & Scabbard (1913) - Sawback


A very rare First World War German (Prusian) Kurzes Seitingewehr 98 Model Sawback Bayonet & Scabbard manufactured by E & F HÖRSTER SOLINGEN in 1913 for use with the Gew 98 Rifle.

This extremely rare bayonet is a genuine First War Prussian Kurzes Seitengewehr 98 (KS 98) Sawback in excellent original condition and fitted with its original blued steel scabbard (see P377-398 of the outstanding reference ‘The Collectors Book of German Bayonets 1680-1945 Part One – Roy Williams). It is one of the most highly sought after German bayonets of WW1. It was manufactured by E & F HÖRSTER SOLINGEN in 1913 and issued to Prussian or German Colonial troops at the start of the First World War.

These KS 98 bayonets were introduced into service with the Prussian Army for use by machine-gun troops in 1901 and with the Kaiserliche Schtztruppe (Colonial Troops) and other specialists. As Jim Maddox in his superb book ‘Collecting Bayonets’ notes the majority of these bayonets were fitted with checkered leather grips and that examples, like this one, with wooden grips fitted with three armoury rivets are rarely encountered. The most notable features of this type of bayonet are the ‘eagle’s head’ shaped pommel derived from the earlier Jaeger bayonets, the sawback blade and the short upturned quillon.

This particular bayonet is a very good example of the type manufactured by E & F HÖRSTER SOLINGEN: birds head style steel hilt with a round steel press button and internal spring, two piece wood grips fixed with three armoury rivets with a rectangular oil hole, secured by two steel screw bolts, short steel crossguard with an upturned quillon. Single edged sawback steel blade with rounded fullers, the back edge of blade stamped with a Crown W 13.

Overall Length: 385.0 mm
Blade Length: 251.0 mm
Blade Width (at guard): 24.0 mm
Scabbard: Blued steel – 268.0mm

As with the almost identical example noted by Roy Williams in ‘The Collectors Book of German Bayonets 1680-1945 Part One’ (page 382/3, example 285) this bayonet has its original Prussian ownership mark of a Crown W for Kaiser Wilhelm II and date 1913 (13) as well as a E Fraktur stamped on the back edge of the blade. The very good 10-inch steel sawbacked blade is first class while the sawback teeth are undamaged and sharp. The hilt with its hardwood grips is in similarly good condition (see picture). The Type II blued steel scabbard is in excellent condition with compression marks and patination on front and rear faces that are consistent with age and employment. In summary, bayonet and scabbard are in very good original condition and are serviceable and tight.

This is a ‘first class’ and genuine example of a very rare and highly desirable First World War German bayonet in very good original condition. A real ‘investment’ piece, I have only seen a handful of genuine Kurzes Seitengewehr 98 in this sort of condition. These bayonets are as rare as the proverbial “rocking horse………dung” in Australia and overseas and unfortunately are more often encountered in their ‘replica’ form with numerous fakes being listed recently on e-bay. A better original and genuine example would be very difficult to find.

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